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Commercial Roofing Kelowna

Commercial Roofing Kelowna The most important part of any building is its roof. The roof protects not only the people within but also the rest of the buildings structure from the harsh elements of nature. If you need a company to repair or install commercial roofing in Kelowna remember the name Madge Contracting Ltd. 
It is important to always clear away the debris within your gutters and rooftop as these wastes can impede the flow of rain water. When this happens it is very easy for the water to get backed up and under the roofing shingles. If you think you can see a bad shingle it is important to get repairs done quickly as the water going under the shingles can and will cause severe water damages to the interior of a home or office. If this goes on for a period of time unnoticed it can even weaken the structure of the home creating costly repairs and sometimes even making the building inhabitable.
Madge Contracting Ltd. Is a company you can trust to do all your roofing repairs and new roof installations.  With our knowledge and experience you can have a peace of mind in knowing the job will be done correctly the first time as all it takes is a small mistake to create future water damages.
We offer our potential clients an easy to submit quote for right on our website so that you can quickly and easily see what the costs of your roofing needs may be. If you prefer a more personal approach please feel free to call us at any time during business hours to discuss your needs and what you can expect when you use Madge Contracting Ltd. For your residential and commercial roofing in Kelowna.  Call us at 250.765.1180. Commercial Roofing Kelowna
Madge Contracting Ltd
682 Fitzpatrick Road Kelowna BC, V1X 5E1

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