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Roof Repair Kelowna

Roof Repair Kelowna The roof is the most important part of any building and if damaged needs repaired as quick as possible to reduce the amount of internal structural damage from water. When you need roof repair in Kelowna call on a company you know and trust call on Madge Contracting Ltd.
At Madge Contracting Ltd. we are proud to champion the most knowledgeable and quality-focused team of roofing professionals in the Okanagan. Our team members each have extensive experience in the varied facets of the roofing and construction industries. We boast a team of individuals who are detail oriented, who are flexible to meet diverse client needs, and who are committed to professionalism and excellence. For over 20 years, our leadership has set high standards of integrity, work ethic, and customer-focused care.
With the kind of quality service we provide you can have that peace of mind that we can and will get the job done right the first time and done in a timely manner. All it takes is for a less experienced roofer to make an unnoticeable mistake to cause you costly future repairs due to water damage from rain water that finds its way into the structure of your home.
If you need a roof repair in Kelowna or if you need a brand new roof installation use our simple and easy to use quote form found right here on out website so you can quickly and easily get the quote for the job you need. You can also just call us any time during business hours at 250.765.1180. Roof Repair Kelowna
Madge Contracting Ltd
682 Fitzpatrick Road Kelowna BC, V1X 5E1

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