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An investment in your roof is an investment in your home and or business. The team at Madge Custom Roofing Ltd. guarantees that this investment is highly regarded.  Experienced in all aspects of residential and commercial roofing applications, Madge Custom Roofing Ltd. has been providing quality services for over 20 years.  Educated in the latest roofing technology, products, and trends and backed by satisfied clients, Madge Custom Roofing Ltd. has a well-earned reputation as the leading roofing company in the Okanagan Valley.  In 2012, the readers of Okanagan Life Magazine voted Madge Custom Roofing Ltd. as the “Best Roofing Company”.

The Madge Custom Roofing Ltd. team is dedicated to you the customer, providing education, insight and support throughout your roofing project.  From new builds to roof replacements and repairs our company is committed to client satisfaction, excellence in workmanship and dollar-value in your roofing choices. Madge Custom Roofing Ltd. provides a 10 Year Workmanship Warranty as our guarantee to our valued clients.

We welcome your inquiries and appreciate all opportunities.

At Madge Custom Roofing Ltd. we are proud to champion the most knowledgeable and quality-focused team of roofing professionals in the Okanagan. Our team members each have extensive experience in the varied facets of the roofing and construction industries. We boast a team of individuals who are detail oriented, who are flexible to meet diverse client needs, and who are committed to professionalism and excellence. For over 20 years, our leadership has set high standards of integrity, work ethic, and customer-focused care.  This focus is evident in the professional individuals who make up our diverse team. We encourage you to read our team profiles.



In 1990, equipped with a dream, a spirit of achievement, a steadfast work ethic, a devotion to the job at hand and a supportive wife, Don Madge opened the doors of Madge Custom Roofing Ltd. Now, with over twenty years of business and industry experience, Don has strategically positioned Madge Custom Roofing Ltd. to be the Okanagan’s largest full service roofing company. With a workforce of over 50, Madge Custom Roofing Ltd. is proud to provide complete roofing services to the construction industry with integrity, expertise, and efficiency. Our clients include builders, residential clients, and commercial and industrial clients. Don continues to develop a company focused on building and maintaining lasting client relationships with unprecedented service and undeniable quality.


General Manager

P: 250.859.0374

Chris Romano started his career with Madge Custom Roofing Ltd. in 1999. Chris has gained his extensive industry knowledge and experience through dedication and commitment to learning all aspects of the roofing business. Leadership ability and enthusiasm for business have earned Chris promotions to Operations Manager in 2004 and to General Manager and partner in 2010. Chris is dedicated to continually improving the quality standards of Madge Custom Roofing Ltd. With his enthusiastic nature and keen business sense Chris is a well-respected professional in the roofing industry.


Residential Sales Manager

P: 250.859.4045

Dale has been a valuable team member with Madge Contracting Ltd. since 1996. Dale has extensive product and application knowledge to compliment his years of residential and commercial sales experience. Dale’s immeasurable experience in all aspects of the roofing trade, as well as his commitment to customer service and quality workmanship, enable him to find and solve all of your roofing problems with cost efficient solutions in mind.

Madge Custom Roofing Ltd. stands by our Workmanship.  We offer a 10 year Limited Workmanship Warranty on all Full Roof Replacements or New Construction Roofing Installations.  Our warranty guarantee covers the cost of repairs for leaks in the roofing membrane or flashing of the roof which may occur during the guarantee period and which were cause only by Faulty Workmanship.   The conditions of our warranty are as follows:

  • The full extent of the liability of the Roofing Contractor to the owner for or arising out of installation of the Roof is limited to this Guarantee.
  • The Roofing Contractor shall not be liable to the owner for any leaks in or repairs to any part of the roof in any way resulting from any other cause.
  • The Roofing Contractor shall have no responsibility for any loss of or interruption in any business;
  • The Owner shall deliver to the Roofing Contractor personally within the guarantee period, notice in writing immediately that repairs are required under this guarantee; he shall have a reasonable time to have the repairs done, and he cannot be required to have any repairs done outside our regular working hours; until required repairs are done, the Owner shall protect the roof, all buildings affected and all contents from loss or damage from leaks; as Madge Custom Roofing Ltd. will not be liable for any after the fact damages to the interior or  to the contents.
  • The extent of the Roofing Contractor’s liability to repair is limited to the amount of the repair, the cost of which is equal to the cost of the labor and material on first installing the roof;
  • The Owner cannot require repairs to be done when there are any accounts owing to the Roofing Contractor for installation of the roof, but shall still run under the guarantee period;
  • The Owner cannot require repairs to be done to remedy any failure or the result of any failure in proper and prudent maintenance of the roof.
  • 10 Year Workmanship Warranty is transferable only upon re-inspection of the roof by a Madge Custom Roofing Ltd. Representative (a fee will be required for inspection and warranty transfer).