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Roof Types

Roof Types

There are two basic types of roof styles.

  1. Pitched and or Steep Slope roofs typically require a shingle application.  Shingle products may include Fiberglass Laminate, Concrete Tile, Metal Shingles, 3-Tab Asphalt, and Wooden Shake Shingles.
  2. Flat and or Low Slope roofs require different covering options depending on the slope and product of choice. Types of applications include Torch Applied Membranes (Torch On), Tar & Gravel, and Low Slope Shingles.

Roofing Products

Fiberglass Laminate Shingles are the most popular shingles in the residential and light commercial market. The individual unit is comprised of two layers of fiberglass-reinforced asphalt laminated onto a fiberglass base. The single unit construction effectively seals out rain, sleet, snow, ice and wind without curling, rotting, warping or losing tabs. These shingles have a three-dimensional appearance, are available in many styles, and have numerous colour options.  Heavy weight laminated shingles are a great replacement option for wooden shake roofs. Designer options are available to suit any style of building. Fiberglass Laminate Shingles are Class A Fire Rated making them extremely effective in fire resistance.

Often recognized by their special architectural appearance, concrete tiles are highly durable, lasting up to 50 years or more. They are superior in their resistance to ultraviolet rays, wind, and fire. These long-lasting tiles require very little maintenance and are easy to repair. Concrete tiles come in many different styles and color choices.

A metal roof can last a lifetime, providing long-term cost savings. Metal roofing systems are low-maintenance, durable, and impact and wind-resistant. Due to innovations in metal roofing, there are many color and style choices available including metal shingles, standing seam, and a variety of panel profiles.

Asphalt 3-Tab shingles have been a common choice of homeowners for many years. Their proven performance over the years makes them a suitable choice for residential and commercial roofing applications. Classic 3-Tab shingles are available in a variety of colors, meet all general roofing needs, and come with warrantees of 20 to 30 years. Asphalt 3-Tab shingles are class C and A Fire Rated depending on the shingle.

Torch Applied Membranes and or Torch On provide a modern, high performance alternative to the old-fashioned Tar & Gravel roofing systems and are commonly used for flat and low slope roofing applications.  The 2-Ply SBS system consists of a base layer of polyester or fiberglass-reinforced mat sandwiched between two layers of rubberized asphalt with a torch applied granulated cap sheet as a top layer. This 2-Ply roofing system provides added strength and resistance to flat and low-sloped roofs, is durable and improves the overall performance and longevity of flat and low slope roofs.

Torch applied membranes are more flexible, resist brittleness making it an excellent choice for areas with a range in climatic conditions.

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